a note from mark:

I believe in empowering creatives with artistry and technique so they may cultivate more courage and truth in their work.

In short, I’m interested in what YOU bring to the table.

At the core of every performer is the truth of what makes them unique – who they really are. By enhancing your strengths and qualities - already alive within you – I am able to clearly pinpoint blind spots in a safe and supportive environment so you can, not only, activate your own impulse, but trust it.

Helping artists get out of their own way so they begin to trust that they’re “enough” is the core of my work. It’s what lights me up most.

My 20 year career on Broadway, television, film, and concert stages has provided me a methodology to help clients secure their own Broadway, film and television credits, as well as get accepted into the countries best M.F.A. programs (A.R.T., A.C.T. and more). Pulling from a variety of sources, including Viewpoints, Meisner, and sense memory, I work with both internal and external approaches to help stimulate process-oriented results that are not only sustainable, but also exciting. 

I’m also the co-founder and creator of Base Camp, a coaching intensive for creatives with life coach Di Ana Pisarri. And, as a Vedic Meditation teacher, I believe by combining both body and mind, you can access avenues of inspiration and practical knowledge that can help re-engineer your creativity and life from the inside out, in a way that feels possible.

I look forward to helping you bring that unique creativity into every audition and room in your life.